Delyana Maneva

PhD – Theatre and Movie Studies – New Bulgarian University, MA – Principal of Theatrical Research, BA – Acting and Theatre Directing 

Author of the book “The Challenged Body – Psychophysical Actor’s Training”.

Delyana Maneva worked as an artist in National Film Center Boyana; assistant-director in Bulgarian National Television. Since 2000 she is working as a lecturer in New Bulgarian University.

As a theatre director she put on stage the performances:

The Bombs within my Head by M. Frain/ T. S. Eliot

Chain Dance by Werner Shwab

Child Murder by Peter Turini

Waking up the spring by F. Vedekind

The Hothouse by Harold Pinter

Thunder Parts by Daniel Harms

City of Glass by Paul Auster

The Ghost Sonata by A. Strindberg

Victoria Station by Harold Pinter

Delyana Maneva published poetry, short stories and articles in the press. In 2004 she received National Drama Award Ivan Radoev (co-operation with Alek Popov). Her debut in script-writing (co-writer with A. Popov and D. Mitovsky) is Mission London, 2010. The film became the most frequented Bulgarian movie for the last 20 years. It won the Unbribable Award of Transparency International Croatia's program "Culture against Corruption" in 2011. At the moment she is working on the projects The Black Box – director D. Mitovsky and The Kingdom of Chamla – director A. Kossev.