Plamena Velkovsky

Plamena Velkovsky has a Bachelor in Advertising management and master degree in Screenwriting from New Bulgarian University. Has more than ten years’ experience as a scriptwriter for popular national televison series.


2023 „The cage”, crime drama series, season 1, writer

2022 “The sea of things”, drama musical film (pre-production), writer

2022 “The Tesla case”, children adventure film (sequel), story consultant

2020 - 2022 “Brothers”, crime drama series, season 1-4 – writer, script coordinator

2022 “Lies inside us”, family drama series, writer

2020 “Stolen life”, medical drama series, season 9, script coordinator

2020 “All inclusive”, family comedy series, season 1, writer

2019 “The blue birds island”, teenage adventure drama series, ep.1-3, writer

2018 “The Curie case”, children adventure film, writer

2017 “Legend of the first kuker warrior”, children animated short film, writer

2012 “Morning show”, sitcom series, writer